Our Goal

To bring your backyard or property to life by providing specialized services and care to meet your needs - allowing you more enjoyment of your outdoor space. 

Our Philosophy

Your backyard is a living, breathing entity, made more alive by the time you spend enjoying it. Hiring our goats helps to nourish the landscape and preserve habitat while keeping undesirable flora (which varies from client to client depending on preference) under control.

By bringing our goats to you, we also expand the notion of "local" from buying food produced locally to what you can do to help the environment on a daily basis. You can literally help reduce carbon emissions by changing how you interact with your own property, backyard or outdoor space. 

We like to help our clients reconnect to the their yards by giving them a full sensory experience. In conjunction with goatscaping, we offer backyard education with hands-on milking demonstrations and a basic cheese-making tutorial.  By having goats for a few days, a few weeks, or a few days every month, our clients also get a little bit of farm life without the full time responsibility. 

Please keep in mind that while brush-cutting and other methods may work much more quickly and seem more cost effective, what separates us from other landscapers, other than having a unique labor force, is our dedication to the environment.  We believe that your outdoor space is a living and changing eco-system.  As such, what better way to care for it than with living creatures who add to its evolution?  

Our Process

We first do a consultation to assess the size of the job and the type of vegetation you would like to reduce or remove. Once we have your go ahead, we give you an approximate date when we will set up fence and a temporary shelter. Then we bring you goats!

We check on the goats daily to make sure they have plenty of clean water and to see what progress they're making. Once the goats are finished, we move them to the next job. However, if you'd like an extra day to enjoy the goats, we are somewhat flexible with scheduling.